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Need an Internet Connection Right Away?

Do you need an internet connection for a short amount of time or in a hard to get to place?

Here are some of the problems we have solved.

  • Government, Military or NHS sites, without the hassle of dealing with the IT department.
  • A remote site without access to broadband
  • Temporary site office that needs to be up and running now, either a Construction site or Project office
  • Many static devices including Ticket machines, Card machines or EPOS terminals.
  • Tracking devices for vehicles, people or animals.

How one of our Customers benefits from our Modern DATA SIM connectivity.

A long term Holbrook Telecom client has their internet enabled, equipment installed across several hundred Government, NHS and Commercial sites.

Their equipment is used to check the Security, Health and Safety credentials of various trades people attending site to carry work across the sites.

Some of their larger installations can have ten or more entry points, where individuals can be given access to a clients site.

Sometimes it can be difficult negotiating with the IT departments and network security teams of large organisations to get the required connectivity. Not to mention that wired internet access is not always available it the precise location required.

We have helped them solve this problem by providing data only SIMs with the following features

Static IP address

The SIM cards we provided have static public IPv4 address so that they can be easily accessed securely across the internet.

Limited Data, Aggregated Data

We configured the SIMs with just the right amount of data to keep costs low.

Data is also aggregated across all of their data SIMs making sure that there is’t any waste.

Unsteered multi-network

As it’s not always possible to select the best mobile network for each location, our SIMs are able to connect to any of the big four UK networks, making sure that they have the best connection and highest reliability. 


Are you struggling to get connectivity where you need it? We can get you the best solution for your situation.

  • Unlimited data or just the right amount of data
  • Static IP address or dynamic IP address
  • High speed, extremely low latency 5G
  • One data network or all of them
  • UK or Global connectivity
  • Low cost replacement for 2G or 3G IoT (Internet of Things devices)
  • Low power usage for battery powered devices
  • Secure segregated network


If you are looking for a solution for any of the above get in touch

We can help you find

  • SIM Cards for Machine to Machine or Internet of Things connectivity
  • from one SIM to a thousand
  • UK coverage or global roaming
  • Range connectivity technology for low power NB-IoT to superfast 5G
  • Our data SIMs give you flexibility and durable connectivity.
  • Flexible solutions that can adapt and change with your requirements

    With a range of options to choose from, we’ll build your connectivity to fit and flex with the characteristics of any solution.

    SIM Card Management

    We offer both managed and unmanaged Data SIM solutions


    If your solution is large-scale or multi-site (think IoT sensors), you’ll want to opt for a managed service. You’ll be able to monitor your entire base in real-time, make changes on the fly, set up usage alerts, lock SIMs to devices, the list goes on.


    If your solution is single site and data hungry (think primary connectivity in an office), this is the better, more cost- effective option.

    Dynamic or Static IP addresses.

    Dynamic is the standard for most SIM cards and also the most cost-effective.

  • Static, if a standard dynamic IP won’t cut it, we’ll set you up with a public or private static IP one, crucial if you’re hosting your own server, running hosted applications or need to access devices remotely.

    Networks and Roaming

    Unsteered multi-network

    One SIM, multiple networks. The devices these SIMs power will find the network with the best signal, wherever they go, making unsteered multi-network SIMs easy to deploy and extra resilient.

    They’re best for critical applications, large scale deployments, or solutions that move cross country.

    Single network

    One SIM, one network. Great for single site, non-critical deployments

    Connectivity technology


    Perfect for low data solutions that need to retain as much battery life as possible, NB-IoT has a huge range and draws minimal power.


    Designed for IoT devices, LTE-M has a similar speed and latency to 3G—perfect as an alternative to 3G services before the upcoming 2G/3G sunset.


    4G is the go-to option for data-hungry, low latency applications, like wireless broadband.


    Blazing fast speeds, ultra reliable, and the ability to connect 1 million devices per km2—5G is the most powerful connectivity around, even out performing fixed line performance.

    Data plans


    One flat cost, absolutely unlimited data. Best for data-hungry solutions that’ll chew through data fast.


    A single pool of data that multiple SIMs share. Great if you’ve got multiple sites with varying usage to connect


    A smart tariff that’ll automatically adjust data tiers according to your usage each month—great if your usage will vary significantly and you want to

    avoid overage.

    Per unit

    If you can predict exactly how much data your solution will use, you can opt to pay by the bit.


    Buy a block of data and just top up when a SIM has used its limit. This one is specifically designed for temporary deployments.

    Connection type

    Internet access

    Like typical wired broadband, your device will access the internet via the most resilient providers.

    Custom Access Point Name or APN

    Via a custom APN, we’ll segregate your traffic away from slow public pathways. That means a faster, more secure, completely customisable service —perfect for corporate networks.

Benefits of Data SIMs

The Future of Intelligent Mobile Connectivity: How Machine to Machine Communication is Revolutionising the Industry

As our world becomes increasingly connected, machine to machine (M2M) communication is emerging as a key technology that is revolutionizing industries. M2M communication is the direct exchange of data between devices, without human intervention. This technology is transforming the way businesses operate by enabling real-time communication and data exchange between machines. In this article, I will discuss the benefits, challenges, and future trends of M2M communication.


Introduction to Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication

M2M communication is a technology that enables devices to communicate with each other without human intervention. It is also known as the Internet of Things (IoT). M2M communication relies on sensors, data SIMs, and wireless networks to transmit data between devices. With M2M communication, machines are able to share data, analyze it, and make decisions based on that data.

Benefits of M2M Communication for Industries

M2M communication is transforming the way industries operate. It enables businesses to automate processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. For example, in the automotive industry, M2M communication is used to monitor the performance of vehicles and alert drivers when maintenance is needed. In the healthcare industry, M2M communication is used to monitor patients and alert healthcare professionals when patients need attention. M2M communication is also being used in the agriculture industry to monitor crops and optimize irrigation.

M2M Communication Statistics and Forecast

The M2M communication market is growing rapidly. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global M2M communication market is expected to reach $27.62 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 4.6% between 2017 and 2023. The report also states that the Asia Pacific region is expected to have the highest growth rate during this period. The growth of M2M communication is being driven by the increasing adoption of IoT devices and the growing demand for real-time communication and data exchange.

How M2M Communication Works with Data SIM and Unlimited Data

M2M communication relies on data SIMs and wireless networks to transmit data between devices. Data SIMs are special SIM cards that are designed for M2M communication. They are able to transmit data over cellular networks, enabling machines to communicate with each other. Unlimited data plans are also important for M2M communication. With unlimited data plans, machines are able to transmit large amounts of data without incurring additional costs.

The Advantages of Aggregated Data in M2M Communication

Aggregated data is a key advantage of M2M communication. Aggregated data is the collection of data from multiple machines. This data can be analyzed to identify patterns and trends. Aggregated data can be used to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. For example, in the transportation industry, aggregated data can be used to optimize routes and reduce fuel consumption.

The Role of 4G and 5G in M2M Communication

4G and 5G wireless networks are essential for M2M communication. 4G networks provide high-speed data transmission, enabling machines to communicate with each other in real-time. 5G networks are even faster than 4G networks, providing even faster data transmission and lower latency. 5G networks are expected to enable new M2M communication applications, such as autonomous vehicles and smart cities.

M2M Communication Challenges and Solutions

M2M communication also presents challenges. One of the main challenges is security. M2M communication requires secure data transmission to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Another challenge is interoperability. Different machines may use different protocols and standards, making it difficult for them to communicate with each other. To address these challenges, businesses need to implement secure and interoperable M2M communication solutions.

M2M Communication Applications and Use Cases

M2M communication is being used in a variety of applications and use cases. In the automotive industry, M2M communication is being used to monitor vehicle performance and enable autonomous driving. In the healthcare industry, M2M communication is being used to monitor patients and improve patient outcomes. In the agriculture industry, M2M communication is being used to optimize crop production and reduce water usage.

Future Trends and Developments in M2M Communication

The future of M2M communication looks bright. As the adoption of IoT devices continues to grow, the demand for M2M communication is expected to increase. The development of 5G networks is also expected to drive the growth of M2M communication. In addition, new M2M communication applications and use cases are expected to emerge, such as smart cities and industrial automation.

Conclusion: The Future of Intelligent Mobile Connectivity

M2M communication is revolutionizing industries by enabling real-time communication and data exchange between machines. The benefits of M2M communication include automation, cost reduction, and increased efficiency. The challenges of M2M communication include security and interoperability. The future of M2M communication looks bright, with the development of 5G networks and new applications and use cases. As the adoption of IoT devices continues to grow, the demand for M2M communication is expected to increase, making it a key technology for the future of intelligent mobile connectivity.

To learn more about M2M communication and how it can benefit your business, contact us today.

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