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3CX VoIP PBX System: Elevate Your Business Communication. 

Unleash the Power of 3CX Apps & Features 

At Holbrook Telecom, a proud Bronze Level Partner with 3CX, we bring you a VoIP PBX system that transcends traditional telephony. Embrace the freedom of taking your extension wherever you venture with our intuitive apps for Android, iOS, web browsers, and Windows. Stay in the loop with seamless connectivity that ensures you're always within reach. 

Advanced 3CX Apps for Android & iOS Devices 

  • Remote Call Handling: Make and receive calls from any location.
  • Effortless Video Conferencing: Engage face-to-face with just a click.
  • Instant Messaging & Chat: Streamline communication with your team.
  • Integrated WhatsApp Messaging: Communicate with clients on a platform they love.
  • Group Conference Calls: Collaborate with your team efficiently.
  • Cost-free VoIP Calls: Utilise your smartphone for free calls.
  • Security & Encryption: Rely on secure communications, wherever you are.

User-friendly Web Client / Desktop Apps 

  • Remote Work Ready: Our multi-functional web app comes packed with Unified Communications (UC) features.
  • Browser-Based Calls: Effortless control over your IP phone or smartphone.
  • Centralised Communication Hub: Manage live chat, WhatsApp, and SMS all from one interface.
  • One-Click Video Conferencing: Start or join video meetings instantly.
  • Native Desktop App: Facilitates quick calls.
  • CRM Launch Calls: Integrate and launch calls from your CRM.
  • Microsoft 365 Integration: A seamless blend with your workflow.
  • Colleague Status Visibility: Stay updated with your team's availability.

3CX Live Chat: Revolutionising Customer Communications 

  • Website Integration: Chat live with site visitors.
  • Queue-Based Chat System: Organise and manage customer inquiries.
  • Multichannel Capability: Transfer chats effortlessly between team members.
  • Instant Upgrade to Call or Video: Elevate customer interactions with ease.
  • Comprehensive Chat Reports: Make informed decisions with chat analytics.
  • Managerial Chat Monitoring: Oversee your team's communication for quality.

WhatsApp Integration 

  • Unified Message Management: Handle WhatsApp messages through a single platform.
  • Compliance & Logging: Ensure every response aligns with company policies.
  • Privacy Protection: No need for personal numbers to be disclosed.
  • Centralised Chat Logs: Maintain records of all conversations.

Send & Receive Business SMS / MMS 

  • Direct SMS/MMS: Communicate with customers on their preferred platform.
  • Shared Messaging: Distribute messages among multiple agents for prompt responses.
  • Number Privacy: Keep personal contact details confidential.

Integrated Video Conferencing 

  • High Participant Capacity: Accommodate up to 250 participants for free.
  • One-Click Initiation: Simplify starting or joining video calls.
  • Comprehensive Video Tools: Engage with remote assistance, pre-uploaded documents, whiteboarding, screen sharing, polls, recording, and in-call chat.

3CX Call & Contact Centre: A New Era of Customer Engagement 

Elevate your customer service and sales with 3CX's advanced call centre features: 

  • Visual Switchboards & Wallboards: Keep track of calls and performance.
  • In-depth Reporting: Analyse user activity, queue metrics, SLA compliance, and more.
  • Smart Queue Strategies: Optimise call distribution with various routing options.
  • Managerial Oversight: Monitor calls and chats for quality assurance.
  • CRM & Microsoft 365 Integration: Enhance customer relationship management with seamless integrations.
  • Custom CRM API: Tailor your own CRM connections.
  • Call Recording & Hot Desking: Improve training and flexibility.
  • Custom Call Flows: Design your call management with the 3CX Call Flow Designer.

Cost Reductions with 3CX 

Cut your ongoing telecom expenses drastically: 

  • Phone Bill Savings: Reduce costs by up to 80%.
  • Licensing Simplicity: Pay based on concurrent calls, not extensions.
  • Free Internal Calls: Eliminate charges for interoffice and remote worker calls.
  • Competitive SIP Trunk Rates: Minimise outbound call charges.
  • WebRTC Integration: Remove costly 800 number bills.
  • International Rates: Benefit from competitive international calling options.

Unmatched Security & Backup 

3CX is at the forefront of VoIP security, with proactive measures to safeguard your PBX system: 

  • Robust Web Server Security: Stay protected with enhanced configurations.
  • Proactive Threat Prevention: Automatically detect and blacklist malicious entities.
  • Global IP Blocklist: Keep your network secure with regular updates.
  • Encrypted Communications: Secure your voice and app data.
  • SSL Certificate Management: Automate the security of your connections.
  • Qualys & Immunilabs Top Ratings: Trust in our industry-recognised security standards.
  • Instantaneous Backup Failover: Never miss a beat with automatic redundancy.
  • HTTPS Ensured Encryption: Safeguard data from browser to site.

Maximise Efficiency with 3CX Call Flow Designer 

Streamline your call handling with features that ensure every customer interaction is handled with precision and care: 

  • Intelligent Call Routing: Direct calls based on customer details.
  • Automated Outbound Calling: Efficiently reach out to clients.
  • Scheduled Callbacks & Phone Orders: Enhance customer service offerings.
  • Secure Payment Authentication: Process transactions safely.
  • Customer Surveys: Gather valuable feedback automatically.
  • Multi-Language Support: Communicate in 120 languages with Text to Speech & Speech to Text.

CRM Integration: Transform Your Customer Experience 

Our CRM integration propels customer satisfaction and empowers your team: 

  • Efficient Call Management: Automatically log calls and create new customer records.
  • Time-Saving Features: Reduce the need for manual searches.
  • Comprehensive Communication Records: Keep track of interactions, whether calls or chats, directly within your CRM.

Hotel PBX: Premium Hospitality Communication 

3CX’s hotel module offers luxurious communication features without the premium costs: 

  • Guest Management: Simplify check-ins/outs and align extensions with guest names.
  • Call Billing: Accurately bill for external calls.
  • Wake-Up Call Scheduling: Offer guests convenient wake-up services.
  • Room Call Restrictions: Ensure privacy and security in vacant rooms.

Elevate your business communication today with Holbrook Telecom, your dedicated 3CX Bronze Level Partner. Contact us to discover the 3CX difference. 


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