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SIP Trunks & Channels For Your Existing PBX

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SIP Trunks for Your Current PBX

SIP Trunks, Channels and Call Rates.

Our SIP Trunks are for Businesses with Telephone systems or PBXs that are already compatible with VoIP and SIP trunks.

If you are responsible for running the Information Technology and Telecommunications for your business, we can save your budget.

We can help you to make sure you are not spending too much on your trunks, channels, or telephone calls.

Working with Holbrook telecom you can get access to the best Trunk, Channel and Call Rates for your business.

We can also provide an additional layer of technical support for certain phone systems and SIP trunk connectivity.

Also you don't worry as our SIP trunks are very reliable and backed by SLAs.

SIP Trunks for Managed Services Providers

If you are in the business of supporting multiple clients with a range of Telephone Systems and PBXs we can help.

As an MSP you will be looking after several clients’ Information Technology and Telephone systems.

We can make sure that you have access to the best pricing so that you can maintain great value for your clients whilst ensuring that you maintain a margin for your own business by keeping costs under control.

Extra Level of VoIP and SIP Support

Additionally, you may need some additional assistance at times.

Holbrook Telecom works with an ever-growing number of IT Departments and Managed Service Providers delivering SIP Trunks and Calls to onsite PBXs.

So, if your business or businesses that you look after already have compatible SIP PBXs in place then it’s a simple process for us to improve your costs, whilst maintaining a high level of service from our dedicated team.

If already have your own IT department or team that already performs all the other day-to-day administration tasks on your existing PBX, including maintaining telephone handsets, then we can help by making sure that you have the most reliable and cost-efficient Trunks and Channels giving access to the best call rates and packages.

I don’t know if I have a compatible PBX.

Get in touch and we can see what PBX options are available to you.

In the unlikely event that your existing PBX isn’t compatible with SIP or the cost of making it compatible is just too high, don’t worry as we have several options.

Hosted VoIP platform, we have a state-of-the-art Hosted VoIP platform with all the features you are likely to need, at a low monthly cost per user, so there is no capital expenditure needed Full details are here.

Alternatively, we can set you up with you own 3CX PBX either running on our cloud infrastructure or as a virtual server on your own equipment. Full details of a 3CX PBX here


What do I need need to do next?

First thing to do is get in touch. If you can share some information about the number of extension and a bill or breakdown or some recent calls, so we can run a comparison and choose the best provider and quote you our best rates.

We have partnered with several wholesalers and larger resellers to ensure we have the best solution for every situation.

What You'll Need To Get Your PBX Working with our SIP Trunks

You already have a SIP, VoIP compatible PBX onsite or in the cloud.

Nearly all onsite SIP-compatible PBXs will work with our trunks and channels, we haven't found one that doesn't yet

Some cloud PBXs are not compatible as they want to force you to use their own trunks and channels or are based on ancient technology.

You can carry on maintaining your PBX as you do now with the benefit of lower bills for calls.

If you are an MSP and manage several PBXs on behalf of your customers, let’s get together and see how we benefit both you and your clients in terms of costs and reliability.

We have helpful technical staff who can quickly help you with anything from porting requests to fault finding on your configuration.


What to Look for when selecting SIP Trunk Providers

Just like any technology you need you to need your SIP Trunk Providers to be able to offer the right level of technical support.

The closer they are in size to your business the better understanding they will have of how to serve you. If they are too big you won’t get the service, you need if they are too small you won’t benefit from their scale and expertise.

You need to decide whether you can work together with your prospective new SIP Trunk provider.


Some Frequently Asks Questions

What is SIP?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol; SIP is a protocol that allows telephone communications to take place across the internet rather than a PSTN network.

What is a SIP Trunk?

A SIP Trunk is the first connection between a PBX and the telephone network. With this connection in place, you can then create SIP channels.

If you would like even more details take a look at Wikipedia's Session Initiation Protocol page.

What is a SIP channel?

SIP channels represent the number of lines or calls that sit on top of the SIP trunk. So, a trunk that has 10 channels can carry ten concurrent calls at any one time.

What is a SIP Line?

A SIP line often refers to SIP channels, the equivalent of a number of lines or channels

What is a SIP Service?

Sip service generally means the combination of both trunks and channels

What is a SIP Compatible PBX?

A PBX that is compatible with SIP will have a somewhere to add some basic information of how the PBX can connect to a SIP trunk and make calls.

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology used for IP telephony. Which is a the technologies for using the internet to create voice and multimedia sessions for the purpose of communication. If you want to read more in depth about VoIP you can here. 

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